Diamond Expressions, Diamond Expressions, Diamonds  jewelry and Gems at wholesale prices.  We sell certified diamonds, EGL, GIA, and DMR. Diamonds of allshapes and sizes: round diamonds, round brilliant diamonds, marquise diamonds, heart shape diamonds, princess shape diamonds, Emerald shapediamonds, oval diamonds. Our diamond priceses start at.. less than two hundred dollar. Diamonds ranging from 1/5 carat and larger. Diamonds withcertificate stating  carat, clarity, color, & cut... and value that comes complete with picture, appraisal, DMR,EGL, GIA Certificate.  ChoosePlatinum, 14k, 18k white or yellow gold Tiffany setting, the perfect instant wedding ring for newly weds or folks seeking diamonds as investments,anniversary diamonds, or just additions to their jewelry collection. Visit and view our Diamond engagement ring and remember that diamond are agirl's best friend. Diamonds that represent longevity and durability in the love with which they are given. Our expert staff works with diamondcutters and diamond mines all over the world to make high quality diamonds available to you at prices most other jewelry sales and diamond outletswould be buying at. We sell diamonds and gems on world wide basis! We love to answer your questions about diamonds and help you find thediamond that's right for you. , Browse our inventory with the diamond search engine, find the diamond of your dreams for the best price. Read andlearn  about diamond shape, diamond size, diamond settings, diamond clarity, diamond color, diamond lore, shopping for diamonds, the 4C's ofdiamonds.. essentially, everything you ever wanted to know about diamonds and more. There are links to sites that have diamond jokes, diamondmining information, diamond certification data. You can send a request for a callback from our qualified personal who would be happy to discuss anyquestion you have about diamonds, EGL, GIA and DMR certificates, any particular stone in our inventory, any special requirements you haveregarding the diamond you want. We can tell you about culet and girdle, depth & table ratio, symmetry and polish, as well as how to determine thebest replacement diamond or setting. Please remember that you must be completely satisfied with your diamond purchase, and are protected by our7 day money back guarantee, and in the case that your diamond purchase is a surprise Engagement or wedding ring, you can trust us to help makeit a success. Thank you for visiting our site, and happy hunting for the diamond of your dreams!

The Southwest's Largest Diamond Importers, Arizona

The Avrhami family has been in the Diamond and Precious Gemstone business for generations. Since the 1960's, We have actively participated in Israel's Diamond Industry. Our diamonds are distributed to wholesalers, retailers, importers and investors throughout the world, making us The Southwest's Largest Diamond Importers.Today we manifest low overhead and...  LOW PRICES.

To Our Valued CustomersAADiamond is no longer associated with Diamond Expressions. Since May 1, 2000 we have been a seperate company.We look forward to continued business with  custmers on line and hope you continue to visit us and enjoy our products and services.


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